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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Monday, June 23, 2014

Like Vinegar for Coffee (A Little Ditty on Aging )

I was in the throes of making potato salad,
when I realized there was no vinegar.
Out of vinegar? I’m NEVER out of vinegar!
How could I be completely out of vinegar?

Oh yeah, I used it to clean the coffee pot.
But, if I knew good and well it was gone,
why didn’t I add it to the grocery list?
THAT question, I haven’t an answer for.

I’d like believe it was stress, or something.
Certainly, it cannot be some precursor
for the hideousness of advancing age.
I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

Oh well, never mind. It doesn’t matter.
Mmmm. The coffee tastes great today.
Must be the clean pot. That reminds me…
I need to buy more vinegar.

~gj dürrschmidt

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jindal, Jesus, and Jihad: On Separation of Church and State

Shia-Sunni sects of the Islam religion believe everything the same with one exception: who should have rightfully succeeded the prophet Mohammed following his death 1400 years ago. Their disagreement has been based upon interpretation of their holy scriptures. Watching the news recently makes what’s happening in the Middle East sound all too familiar here at home.

Two major political groups exist in the United States today: the Left, and the Right. And, surprisingly, just like the Sunnis and Shias, they believe very much alike when it comes to saluting the same flag, defending the same constitution, sharing the same history. Yet they vehemently disagree over the issue of separation of church and state. 

The Left, predominantly Democratic, recognizes the right of all religions to peacefully coexist in this country, and staunchly supports separation of church and state when it comes to governance of its citizens. The Right, predominantly Republican, has evolved into a proponent of Christian fundamentalism, and defends its right to bring God, as they believe Him to be, and His teachings, into matters of state.

Now, a point has been reached in this country where we have a state governor saying that the time is right for Americans (the Republican right) to rise up in holy Jihad and “violently” seize control of Washington, D.C.

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, making a keynote address at the annual conference hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition this week, announced, “I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C., to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.” The open-minded and enlightened will bear in mind his audience.

The Republican party is relying heavily upon the religious fundamental right for political survival, and will stoop to no lows in order to court them, and win votes for the upcoming 2014 midterm and 2016 Presidential elections. And rest assured, it’s not in the name of the future and stability of a strong United States of America, but in Jesus’ name, and the right to have Christian teachings and Bible touted on the House and Senate floors, dictating laws, and directing a diverse nation of many peoples and religions into a very narrow-minded, religious fundamentalist future.

One nation under God was how this nation was founded. One nation under one and only one religious dogma, was not. When one political party aggressively seeks to blur the lines separating church and state, and essentially promote one national religion, how are they any different than the Sunnis seeking to dominate the Shias, or vice verse, seeking to beat one another into submission, or to death?

Bringing religion into the political arena in America can only end the same way - in bloodshed. It’s been 1400 years, and still blood is being spilled over religion mixed with governance in the Middle East. America is quickly being sucked into the age old destructive vortex of religious fanaticism - a vortex resembling the water in a toilet that’s been flushed.

Apropos, because down the toilet is where this great nation is headed if left up to the religious fanatics who seem to be growing in numbers out of fear of no longer being a majority, selective ignorance, and willful intolerance.

 It’s time to wake up, fellow Americans, and smell the coffee, before it’s too late…before it’s overpowered by the smell of tear gas, ammonia from exploded ordnance, and napalm! Can't happen here? How soon we forget. 

If not vigilant and proactive, I fear we will soon become as a nation, that which we have despised about many nations in the Middle East for so long. We are not immune to the chaos and anarchy historically fueled by religious fanaticism and discord.

God bless America. And, oh yes...Allahu Akbar!

~gj dürrschmidt

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Key West Muse

it’s because
you’re such a
bright ray of
such a welcomed
breath of fresh
the friend
I never had in
high school
(yeah, I know…
there’s no going
back there).

it’s because of
your brilliance,
your sweet spirit,
or being as easy 
on the eye
one can be.
More importantly
you energize,
and inspire,
I cherish
your friendship
with me.

~gj dürrschmidt

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Smoke Alarm (or, Having a Crappy Day)

I’m having a
crappy cup of
and having a
crappy kind of
a day.
I’m writing
some crappy
ass poem,
because shit’s
just not going
my way.

Where are all
the crappy
when you need
crappy friends
the most?
Oh crap! I
forgot about the
and have burned
the cinnamon

~gj dürrschmidt

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Key West Sundae

Take a great big, heapin’ scoop
of dat island sunshine, mon,
‘n slap it down in a bowl.

Drizzle over some of dat crystal
clear, teal blue water, mon.
Mmm, now you on a roll!

Add lotsa fruits, nuts, ‘n flakes,
talkin’ freaky granola, mon:
peeps dat make life fillin’.

Last, not least, a splash of rum
‘n steel drum music, mon.
Enjoy ‘n jus’ be chillin’!

~gj dürrschmidt

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Key West: The Cantankerous Citrus (A Poem)

Lenny the Key lime tree
is most always a prick;
insists I call him Leonard,
when being a dick.

He’s skinny and scrawny,
thorny and lean;
grotesquely anti-social,
he even looks mean.

“If you expect,” he says,
“to get some of these,
then prune me, water me;
I’ll give what I please.”

“Hey, come move me!
I need lots of light!”
the thorny bastard barks,
till I get it just right.

What the hell, Leonard?
Why always so dour?
“Duh, dumb ass. It’s how
I make the limes sour.”

~gj dürrschmidt

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