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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ocupy Earth!

Awaken from your
harken to what I’ve
got to say!
The veil of deception
is rent:
an oligarchy runs
They feed you
keep you low on
sedate you with:
NFL football,
high tech toys,
new drugs
more cunning
smoke and mirrors,
hocus pocus,
any distraction to 
blur focus,
so no one can see
how they rape
the earth,
you and me.
It's time we take it 
all back from a
few selfish
begin living for
more than an

~gj duerrschmidt

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Little Orange Book of “Short ‘n Silly” for the Not-So-Deep Thinker

Just in Time for Christmas!

Little Orange Book
“Short ‘n Silly”
for the

 Soon to be released 
straight from the orchards 
of the 
Orangenous Zone!

A book of short, lighthearted poetry 
intended to eloquently grace 
the most modest to most luxurious home,
coffee table to commode.

Coming mid-December 2012!

Check The Orangenous Zone 
for availability and purchasing instructions.

The juice is loose!

The Little Orange Book of “Rainbow Slices” for the Delightfully Like-Oriented


Little Orange Book
“Rainbow Slices”
for the

Soon to be released 
straight from the orchards 
of the 
Orangenous Zone! 

A book of poetry 
featuring sweet, succulent morsels 
eye candy and verse 
served up with a colorful twist 
of the 


Coming the end of November 2012! 

for availability and purchasing instructions.

The juice is loose!

The Little Orange Book of “Naughty ‘n Nice” for the Sensuous, Yet Sophisticated Romantic

Little Orange Book
“Naughty ‘n Nice”
for the
Sensuous, Yet Sophisticated

 Soon to be released 
straight from the orchards 
of the 
Orangenous Zone!

A book of poetry 
where the Nice is a bit naughty, 
the Naughty a bit nice.

 Coming the end of October 2012!

for availability and purchasing instructions.

The Juice is Loose!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


You rob space
on my mattress.
You rob peace 
from my sleep.
you can never 
steal my dreams;
no, they are
mine to keep.

~gj duerrschmidt

Poems, like some relationships, are often brief.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Acceptance - Poetry for a More Diversified America

I’m not a friend you’d imagine,
or ever come to expect;
but one who’d always be there,
when others may neglect.

I’m called odd, a little different,
some may say I’m queer.
It shouldn’t even matter much,
when one's motives are sincere.

A friend’s a friend regardless if
his girlfriend’s name is Ted.
There’s so much more to others
than who one takes to bed.

I’m a warm, sociable person,
not some social disease;
a slight aberration of Nature,
(ever so slight, if you please.)

I’ve a big heart and joyful spirit,
as you have come to see;
a true blue friend forever yours,
if you’d be the same to me.

~gj duerrschmidt

 The juice is loose!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Technology in the Third World: Too Much, Too Soon?

Without America's advances in technology, there would be no Internet, no YouTube, and certainly, no Facebook. Without America's greedy, business profit mongers, this technology would not have spread viral across the globe, and into the hands of those who might use it to promote radical social and political cause. 

Instead of reli
gious zealots rioting across the Islamic world this week over a YouTube video placing their prophet Mohammed in a less than stellar light, 

they would rather have been focusing their time on charging women who had been raped with adultery and stoning them to death, cutting off the hands of petty thieves,

and beheading whoever they believed at any given moment was not worthy of life in accordance with their interpretation of the teachings of mohammed, and the will of allah.

They are a simple, savage lot by civilized Western standards, and even after the west, has blessed them with satellite TV, Internet, KFC's, Hardees, McDonald's, Abercrombie and Fitch, and iPhones, they remain a simple and savage lot.
After two days of silence, the new leader of Egypt made his first comment on the crisis taking place at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. And, where did he make it? !!!Facebook!!! The leader of a sovereign state commented for the first time, since the onset of a potentially serious international crisis, on Facebook! LOL! ROFLMAO! J/K.

Perhaps you might consider "friending" him. I haven't taken the time to check out his profile pic, but, tell me, is he standing shirtless in his bathroom holding an iPhone up to the mirror? With the enormous flood of new technology pouring into the Third World, it appears things have mostly been left up to monkey see, monkey do. 

Why ask if a region is ready for it. If they have the money, that's being ready enough. What matters most to western technology suppliers is that they have a new, rich market with money to burn  (when not off burning down foreign embassies).

I strongly believe that one cannot change thousands of years of primitive culture and behavior, by force feeding technology and consumerism down the throats of the rest of the world, which may simply not be at the right place in its intellectual and cultural evolution to handle the full impact and ramifications.

Just because we manage to make the Third World LOOK like us, it is in all actuality, NOT us.  Put a suit on an ape, and an iPhone in its hand, and it is still an ape.

~gj duerrschmidt

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ice Cream Faces

Must the children
hunger and cry?
Must they hurt
not knowing why?

Must they know
darkness and pain?
Must their days
be filled with rain?

We all must help,
it’s time we start
to bring back hope
to little hearts.

Let’s show them life
has sunny places,
and paint big smiles
on ice cream faces.

~gj duerrschmidt

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hair Tease (Hippie Chick Girl)

hippie chick
who’s straight
hair has no
you make a
guy’s flag
as you give
those locks a
making them
swing and
saying: Care
to give it a
big tease,
hippie chick

~gj duerrschmidt

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Friday, September 7, 2012

A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Me!

I gave up twenty years 
of personal freedom,
so all of you could
have yours.

I placed my life on
the line many a time,
here at home and on
distant shores.

All I ask in return is
for my freedom back,
to pursue a happiness
meant to be;

The freedom to freely
follow my heart;
to pursue all that feels
right to me.

Don’t judge me by
how I look, what I do,
whether I believe in
your god above;

Don’t judge me by
your chosen beliefs;
don’t dictate who 
I should love.

I gave it up for you,
America: religions, 
races, and colors of 
every kind.

For twenty selfless
years I had your back;
I'm trusting now that
you'll have mine.

~gj duerrschmidt

Monday, September 3, 2012

Cash Cow: Cure to Addiction?

I’m overcoming a battle
with an addiction
of having to post every
poem that I write.

I’ll gradually post less
as the days pass,
tho’ writing long hours
on into the night.

When I publish my first
book of ditties,
I’d like it to offer some
sweet mystery.

I mean, why would one
go buy the cow,
when one’s getting its
milk for free?

~gj duerrschmidt

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Grilled PB&J (or, The Breakfast in Bed That Wasn't)

You said it was my
turn to get up ‘n
make breakfast.

You said the same old
same old just
wouldn’t do.

So, I made two PB&J
sandwiches and
grilled them.

So fucking delicious,
there’s none left
for you.

~gj duerrschmidt

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