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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Monday, February 7, 2011

Haunted Key West ~ Home of Robert, the Possessed Doll

Last night, I got to meet Robert the Doll for the first time. I went on a Graves and Gravestones Frightseeing Tour on the Trolley of the Doomed. The highlight of the tour was visiting the East Martello Fort, where Robert the Doll now resides. http://www.ghostsandgravestones.com/key-west/

The doll was a gift given to Robert Eugene Otto by his nanny, who was not only a voodoo priestess, but someone who harbored great dislike for the boy's parents. It was created in Robert's image, and young Robert was often seen walking around Key West with the doll, also dressed in a sailor suit.

At some point in his childhood, Robert Eugene Otto decided to give his own first name to the doll, and from that day on he insisted on being called only by Gene. Gene and Robert became inseparable, and when anything went strangely awry at the Otto house (and, things frequently did), Gene would always point to Robert as the guilty one.

Dubbed America's most possessed toy, Robert has been steadily growing in fame, having been featured on various TV programs,  most recently on the History Channel. Believe it or not, he's even got his own website and Facebook profile! (Yes, I sent him a friend request!)

We were warned by the Ghost Host to do three things if wishing to photograph Robert, otherwise we may face dire consequences: 1) greet him in a friendly manner, 2) ask his permission to take his picture, and 3) be sure to thank him when done. I made certain that I did all three!

One among us was a man who returned to Key West to personally apologize to Robert for his former skepticism, and for the fun he made of the doll on his last trip to the island. He shared with everyone that he and his wife experienced a string of negative occurences in their lives after returning home. They both were strongly convinced it was due to a curse the doll placed upon them.

A school teacher in the group came to Key West expressly to meet Robert, and she was as thrilled as a school girl once she did. Like she was all alone in the room with the doll, she began talking to it as if it were alive. Something was definitely alive in that room!

Some on the tour had handheld EMF meters, designed to detect the pressence of electric energy fields. As the school teacher spoke to the doll, for the first time, the meters in the room flashed wildly! Robert seemed to like her...a lot.

Something, or someone besides simply a stuffed wire doll was in the room with us. Who, or what, each one there would have to decide for themself. As for me? I'm now a believer! 

~GJ Duerrschmidt

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  1. Creepy, had I known about this doll 25 years ago I might not have named my first born son....Robert........

  2. glad to see they have the little bugger behind glass!