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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Friday, January 21, 2011

Naval Air Station Key West RV Park

Home for the next couple months is the RV Park at the NAS Sigsbee. The park provides excellent accommodations and amenities for both large and small RV's, as well as for tent campers, like myself.

This time of year the place stays packed with RV's of every make and size. The warm climate brings the "snowbirds" flocking down to escape the frigid winter up north. And do they ever come ready to recreate! They tote along small electric cars, motor boats, canoes, kayaks, bikes, and gardens on the go.

The transient community finds many old friends returning year after year, and provides a fertile place to form new friendships. Being located on a military base, the RV Park provides a safe environment, day and night.

Take a right at the palm tree in the picture above, and head into the tall pines, and you'll find the tent people.

After the torrential rain and tornado watch two nights ago, I seized the opportunity to relocate to a much better camp site. We were up most of the stormy night bailing out our tent! The next day, we spent all day drying out. The new spot has excellent drainage, shade, and a place for my hammock (drying out above.)

Key West Sunsets at the RV Park are every bit as enjoyable as those witnessed downtown at Mallory Square, and in some ways better: much more peaceful and intimate!

~GJ Duerrschmidt

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