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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Rain in Spain: An Other-Than-Heterosexual Love Story

At nineteen, during the Vietnam War
I was an airman serving in sunny Spain.
I went to bars with my fellow airmen,
pissing away money like it were rain.

They were on a libido-driven mission
to get themselves some Spanish snatch.
I wasn’t able to embrace their fervor,
waiting instead on some better catch.

I was sick and tired of all the drinking;
somehow there had to be a better way.
I needed to be spending my free time,
investing in more sober ways to play.

When Friday came, I feigned sickness;
the guys went without me for a change.
I walked across base to the bookstore,
something happened, a little strange.

I was invited by a preacher to a social
at his home in a small pueblo off base;
said he’s hosting a few college kids
on summer mission while at his place.

When I arrived, all sat in a big circle,
opening a space and pulling up a chair.
They shared personal stories of Jesus,
I tho’t, “Christ, what am I doing there?”

That’s the first time I met him (not Jesus),
his hungry eyes followed my every move;
the eldest son of the missionary preacher,
flirting in ways dad would never approve.

I was asked to help with the youth group;
No way in hell would this guy say no.
All my buddies joked I’d gotten religion;
the truth: a hot crush I couldn’t let go.

He desired much more than a friendship;
struggling with lust and love for the lord.
How sweet the season of secret liaison;
how I miss being so intensely adored.

At nineteen, during the Vietnam War
I was an airman serving in sunny Spain.
I fell in love with the son of a preacher;
when it ended the tears fell like rain.

~gj duerrschmidt

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