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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Monday, March 21, 2011

Cold Feet? Dare to Explore!

As I prepare to head out across country in my vintage VW bus, to write a long overdue novel, I've begun soul searching, and re-evaluating my motives for doing so; especially with gas prices being what they are. In all honesty, I suppose I'm getting cold feet ~ those last minute road trip heebee jeebee's.

Reflecting, I realize that one needn't embark on a journey over hill and dale, mountain and valley, hither and yon, to gain insight into the mysteries of life, or for new self-discovery. One may very well experience such things right in the home of one's parents, grandparents, great aunts, uncles, or even that old eccentric neighbor down the way.

Great gems of knowledge might just be lying in wait in musty, dusty basements, attics, garages, overgrown living rooms and studies. And, these treasures of the mind are right there for the taking, if one would only dare to explore.

Dare to Explore

Have you thumbed through
the myriad of magazines
scattered in piles
here and there
on the floor?

Have you carefully studied
the plethora of paintings
hanging on walls,
room to room,
door to door?

Have your fingers run over
the titles of books
crammed randomly
upon shelf,
after shelf?


in exploring more deeply
that which is me,
you’ll more deeply

~g duerrschmidt

This having been said, I still feel the need to: see the Grand Canyon; bask in the lights of Tinsel Town, and take a chance at being a big winner; walk up to and hug a giant Sequoya; see the Redwood forrest; camp in and explore Yosemite; stop in Seattle to see the 1969 Woodstock drummer of Santana playing in a local jazz club; take a cruise to see the glaciers (while they last); experience the Aurora Borealis; witness Old Faithfull at Yellowstone; gaze up at Mount Rushmore; drive through the Grand Tetons, across the Great Salt Flats, yadda, yadda, yadda!

If only gas were still 30 cents per gallon. If only my eyesight wasn't failing. If only my joints didn't hurt so much. If only I were younger, richer, more handsome. Wait a minute. More handsome? Well, I have to give myself that one. Looks is one thing I do have. Oh yeah, that, and a great sense of humor!

Bottom line: I'm going on this road trip and writing the novel, come hell or high gas prices, cataracts or arthritis, mechanical, physical, or mental breakdowns!

This is my final answer!

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  1. Good looks and an unending sense of humor...keep on keeping on.