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"From one LIGHT come many colors." ~GJ Dürrschmidt

Sunday, March 27, 2011

NAS Key West Rec Center: My Writing Command Center!

While riding out the winter months here in Key West tent camping amid the pines at the Sigsbee RV Campground, I must confess, I've been fortunate to have an oasis, an escape from the heat, humidity, pesky insects, and over curious reptiles.

Every day, almost without fail, after stumbling out of the tent, and brewing a pot of coffee, I head off to the Navy Base Recreation Center/ITT Office to crank out some writing. Vintage van Go[gh] has been good about having to remain outside the whole time. I always do my best to make it up to him later in the day.

Also, almost without fail, upon entering the facility, I receive a cheerful welcome from the friendly and hospitable staff in the ITT office. This is where base patrons come to book and purchase tickets for the myriad of fun, recreational venues available here in Key West.

I try my best to avoid the well equipped exercise room at the end of the hall straight ahead. I prefer spend my available energy each day on thoughts of lunch ahead, and on that well deserved happy hour waiting for me at the end of each grueling day of writing.

But right now, I have to keep my focus on my primary mission, and continue straightway to my "Writing Command Center," which just happens to double as the facility's lounge.

The lounge is home to a collection of rent-by-the-half hour computers, comfortable easy chairs and sofas, and a big screen TV, to keep escapees from reality (cough, cough...like myself) semi in touch with the events happening back out in the "real world."

For those, like myself, who have their own laptop, there are cubicles to work at and take advantage of the free LAN, or Wi-Fi.

I try to be an early bird so I can seize the last cubicle to the right. Somehow, this one has always seemed like the right one for me, even though I tend to lean more often to "the left."

This is the spot! It is right here that check emails, goof off on Facebook, write my blog, write poetry, and occasionally even work on the book project I have been blaming this whole road trip on!

However, no matter how involved in my work I might become, I rarely stay too late. There is too much natural beauty associated with this charming island, to remain cooped up indoors the whole day.

Regardless where the rest of the day takes me, each always ends up at the same place ~ standing in wonder and awe somewhere along the shore, taking in yet another spiritually uplifting, creatively inspiring sunset!

So now you know where I'll be tomorrow morning, and every morning until the winds of change shift, and it's clearly time for Vintage van Go[gh] and I to set sail for the west coast. 


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