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Friday, March 18, 2011

Key West: Vintage van Go[gh] Gets a Roof Rack

This is certainly an exciting day for my hippie love bus, Vintage van Go[gh]! Here he waits with great anticipation this morning for the FedEx truck to arrive.

Finally the long awaited moment comes!

The driver dissappears momentarily, then emerges carrying a large box. I wonder what's inside. Hmmm.

Back at the camp site, I'm ready for a cup of coffee and some breakfast, but...NO!  Vintage insists I get right to work and assemble the roof rack.

"Git'r done," he says, "and then you're free for the rest of the day."Sheesh! What I don't do for that old bus!

Knowing just how moody he can become, I immediately open the box, and inventory the contents. Surprisingly it's all there.

An hour and a half later, I have the wooden slats afixed to the frame.

An additional hour later, and the roof rack is fully assembled!

"Now, coffee and breakfast?" I mock.

"No," he responds, "you've come this far, just a little longer and you'll be completely done."

"Okay, mister smarty pants,"  I snap back, "how do you propose I get this thing up onto your rooftop?"
"Oh, come on..use that remarkably creative mind of yours," he comes back with. "I have faith in your abilities." That cunning old bastard! He knows just how to stroke my ego.

I position the rack by the bus, along with a small wooden stool. I climb upon the stool and get my balance. Then I slowly, and very carefully lift the rack up over my head, all the while steadying my balance. I place the three legs of one side into the rain gutter on the bus, and then with great care, lower the other side down into the gutter on the opposite side. Ta-da!!! It went right in! No scratched paint, no dings, and more importantly...no pulled muscles!

Mission accomplished, I clean up the mess, put all the tools away, and put a pot of water on for coffee.

"Hey," Vintage calls out. "How does it look, huh?"

"Stunning," I assure him, adding, "Here, let me take a pic."

Now tell the truth. Is this ole hippie love bus beaming with pride, or what?

The rack is the cherry for the top of the sundae. Vintage and I are now ready to begin making preparations for our targeted mid-April departure from our winter hideaway in Key West, and the long awaited road trip westward.

It's been wonderful being here, but we have people, places, and things yet to experience, and a novel to write!

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  1. Vintage looks great! (said in my very best Tony the Tiger voice)